Classical Arts Film Festival

Friday, August 27th

Film Block Three Titles

Tickets are $15.  Save 20% with the Festival Pass. 
Film Block Three exhibits three films:  METAPHORMS, THE COLORBLIND ARTIST, and
STOUT HEARTED - George Stout and the Guardians of Art
Descriptions below
Running Time: 11min. 41sec.

A psychologist and a painter interpret the works of young autistic people at an exhibition opening. Their conversation seems to target the abstract paintings, however, their real topic is the elusive and constantly changing dynamics of their relationship. While they walk through the gallery, it becomes clear, that they have as many difficulties talking about their feelings, as the artists themselves.

Directed by Viktoria Szemeredy
Country of origin:  Hungary

Watch trailer here.

The Colorblind Artist
Running Time: 12min 31sec

Artist Kevin Richard Brown narrates this inspiring story about his quest to overcome color-blindness and the technique he uses to paint landscapes in full colors.

Directed by Carlo Caldana
Country of Origin:  United States

Watch trailer here.

Stout Hearted
George Stout and the Guardians of Art
Running Time:  79min

Stout Hearted: George Stout and the Guardians of Art, tells the story of Iowa Native, George Stout, and his life’s impact on the fields of Art Conservation and Monuments Protection. During World War II, Stout led the Monuments Men through Europe on the greatest treasure hunt in history- protecting and recovering priceless art from the Nazis. Stout’s legacy with The Monuments Men continues presently with the U.S Committee of the Blue Shield an organization that is protecting precious art from destruction in areas of global conflict. Stout’s innovative methods of art conservation, created some 90 years ago, are still used today in major museums around the world.

Directed by Kevin Kelley
Country of Origin:  United States

Watch trailer here.

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