2021 Classical Arts Film Festival

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE In Promoting The Classical Arts Through Motion Picture

The 5th Annual Classical Arts Film Festival

AWARDS Announcement

The Jarvis Conservatory and The Classical Arts Film Festival are honored to have been able to exhibit the selected twenty-one unique films during the 2021 event. All participating filmmakers received an official selection certificate. Each film highlighted different aspects of a life dedicated to this profession and all are cinematic treasures. Of these twenty-one outstanding films, this year the festival selected five films with a recognition of excellence. The winning category filmmakers each will receive a Jarvis Award Plaque to honor their accomplishment.

Jarvis Award for AUDIENCE CHOICE:


Directed by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette. Written by Raúl Koler 

and Sabrina Pace. Produced by Emiliano Sette, Yashira Jordán, Francisco Zamudio.

Anacronte reveals a warring plane of existence beyond our subconscious, but most important it illustrates how art has the power to connect us to this realm.

Jarvis Award for BEST SCRIPT:


Directed by Christopher Kulikowski. Written by Christopher Kulikowski and Alistair Faulkner. Produced by John Paul Pettinato and Christopher Kulikowski.

The narrative of this short film plays out as the missing chapter of Mary Shelley’s two hundred year old classic, “Frankenstein.” An engaging story that stays true to the roots of the genre.

Jarvis Award for BEST SHORT FILM:


Directed and written by John La Bouchardière. Produced by Greg Browning.  

As a modern satire on aristocracy, competition and extinction, drawn from a sixteenth century musical curiosity about a king killing for sport, The Stag Hunt is a celebration of theatrical devices. The well executed use of minimalism, tableaus and reveals drives the narrative and puts the audience in the center of the action as the I Fagiolini performers hold tight the reins moving from one plot point to the next.

Jarvis Award for BEST DOCUMENTARY:


Directed by Hal Rifken. Written by Hal Rifken and Michael Peroff.

Produced by Michael Peroff.

An insightful documentary on The Shanghai Quartet. From the origins during the fall of Mao's cultural revolution to a prolific global brand recognition, Behind The Strings takes us on a thought provoking journey that unveils an honest yet (most important) inspiring look into the lives of these dedicated and accomplished musicians. This film answers the question "is it worth it?" and the answer is -- YES!

Jarvis Award for BEST OF FESTIVAL:


 Directed by Kevin Kelley. Produced by Marie Wilkes.

Stout Hearted: George Stout and the Guardians of Art, tells the story of Iowa Native, George Stout, and his life’s impact on the fields of Art Conservation and Monuments Protection. The film takes us through the perils of this charismatic trailblazer and in the process, drives home the notion that there is always a new way to look at an old problem. George Stout didn't invent the box but he left a legacy of inspiring those to think outside of it.



The Complete list of the 2021 Classical Arts Film Festival Official Selection are listed below (In alphabetical order).

• ADRIANNE GONZALEZ: LYRICAL PAINTER Directed by Abby Russell, Cinematography by Paul Lucas Wojciak

• ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE Directed and Produced by Hannes Rall, Written (adaption) and Produced by

 Daniel Jernigan, Produced by Seah Hock Soon

• ANACRONTE Directed by Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette, Written by Raúl Koler & Sabrina Pace, Art Direction by Nelson Luty, Animation Direction by Ezequiel Suarez Greck, Produced by Emiliano Sette, Yashira Jordán, Francisco Zamudio

• BEHIND THE STRINGS Written and Directed by Hal Rifken, Written and Produced by Michael Peroff,

 Edited by Tracy Nicole Cring

• CARVING THE DIVINE 仏師 Written, Produced and Directed by Yujiro Seki

• CONFESSIONS OF A WHITTLER Written and Directed by Sarvshrest Singh

• COVID BACH Written, Directed and Produced by Elizabeth Lewis 

• JOYFULLY Directed and Produced by Deb Ethier

• LUCKY MUD Written, Directed, Animation, Sound Design by Erin Pollack

• METAPHORMS Written and Directed by Viktória Szemerédy Produced by Terez Koncz   

• NELA Directed and Produced by Andrew Margetson

• PLAYING WITH FIRE - Jeannette Sorrell and the Mysteries of Conducting Directed by Allan Miller, Written and Produced by Allan Miller & Gina Maria Leonetti   

• RUMSPRINGAWAKENING Directed by Adam Taylor 

• STOUT HEARTED Directed by Kevin Kelley, Produced by Marie Wilkes

• THE COLORBLIND ARTIST Directed Written and Produced by Carlo Caldana, with Artist Kevin Richard Brown

• THE ESCAPE Written Directed and Produced by Liudmila Komrakova 

• THE PIANO TEACHER Directed and Produced by Ryan W Daniels

• THE RECKONING OF DARKNESS Directed by Christopher Kulikowski, Written by Christopher Kulikowski & Alistair Faulkner, Produced by John Paul Pettinato & Christopher Kulikowski 

• THE SECRET WALLS Written and Directed by Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin, Produced by Pauline Carriot (Les Forges Vives) 

• THE STAG HUNT Written and Directed by John La Bouchardière, Produced by Greg Browning

• THE STOP Written, Directed and Produced by Liudmila Komrakova

The festival ran August 26th through August 28th 2021 at the Jarvis Conservatory.